Studio conversion blog part 4.. Studs and Nogginsis..

So it was decided that the attic space was so large it could comfortably be split in half to form not only a spacious studio but a fair sized guest  / spare / box room… So I did some reading on how to build a wall..
First I need a new door. So out looking for doors we went and soon found a local place that strips old pine doors. A suitably small door was purchased for the attic room and as we were there another three were purchased to replace nasty modern doors eleswhere in the house. Also the fellow came and took our remaining doors away and bought them back a few days later sans-ancient multilayered paint. I still have to sand them down and oil and wax them but thats a lot of tough stripping work I dont have to do any more……. which is nice.
So lots of new, old doors..
A bit of maths later and lots of timber was ordered..
Then lots of measuring sawing and swaring.. And a couple of days later I had up all the studwork (vertical pieces) for the new wall as well as the top and foot plates. I then built the door frame around the new mini door and fixed it in place with the first noggin (horizontal piece). Yes they really are called Noggins.. That made me happy.
Many more Noggins later and then a few more to fix electrical sockets and light fittings to and I had this.

StuddingSpare2Lorez StuddingSpareLoRez StuddingStairsLorez

A week or so later and the Electrician arrived to do the first fix (putting in the basic wiring and socket boxes). So now its ready for me to start more plasterboarding..
I stained the pine used for the door frame so it matches the old pine in the door better. I must source reclaimed pine for more of the jobs that need doing really..

By the way. A few people have mentioned that the wall looks better as brick.. well look at this :

That’s what they look like up close.. Not too pretty. And the morter is all crumbly so it would ALL need replacing to have the wall exposed.. Not going to happen..

Moving forward faster now is the plan.. Plasterer booked for six weeks time.. Lots to do to be ready for him..