Studio Conversion Blog Part 3 “One more time, with Ceiling!”

Ok bad pun….

So after the insulation went up it was time to board out and make it like a room again.

It took me, with help from my splendid father two solid days to get all the plaster boards in place.
New Ceiling

New Ceiling


As suspected there is not a single vertical wall or square angle in the place. Some angles act obtuse when they appear acute! Hmmm like some ancient evil has been lurking here… So lots of trial and error and hundreds of screws. We got quite good at it by the end. It has changed the light quality in the space no end. And the attic is feeling like a room again not a rubble dump.

More loose plaster needs to come off the old wall too. There is still a long way to go. But its moving ahead nicely now.

3 Responses to “Studio Conversion Blog Part 3 “One more time, with Ceiling!””

  • 0acideyes0 Says:

    i kinda like it with that loose strip of bare brick there, but thats just me 🙂

    good luck dude!

    • doktor_a Says:

      Well there was an early idea to strip it to the bare brick and leave it exposed, but it really is in a horrible state. Up close the morter would all need raking out and re-pointing and the bricks would need sandblasing if it was to remain on view. All that is just far too much work. Plus it is cobbled together with all sorts of ends of different brick stocks, slate, stone and even bits off wood. Not pleasent in reality even if it looks interesting in the photos.