Studio Carnage…..

So as you may know I have recently moved into a new house. The intention is to turn the attic into a studio..
Well this is how its looking so far after 3 months work..

After ripping out everything which had been botched into the room over the last 100 years or so (like laminate flooring over carpet over original wood flooring, a redundant water tank and two huge sets of rubbish chipboard shelves), I could actually see what needed fixing. And that was… er… everything.
The wall plaster is rotten so that has to come off. There was a leak in the chimney which caused the wall to get damp and the plaster to fall off.. Thats all now fixed and drying ok. The next step was putting in insulation as it gets so cold up there in winter that paint would freeze let alone not dry.. After looking at all the options it was decided that unless I wanted to lose about 6″ of headroom.. Which i didnt.. i would have to take the old plaster and Lathe ceiling down, back to the rafters..
So the day before last i started… and now i am half way… And damn its the most filthy work i have ever done. I am literally black like a coal miner right out of a pit after about an hour of swinging a crow-bar..
This pic is after the dust has settled overnight.. You cant see across the room when its mid job..
Anyway onwards and upwards. Another week or so of this and lots of shovelling all the rubbish out and it will be time to put some lovely new Eco-friendly sheep’s wool insulation in and re-board the ceiling.. And then the studio can really start to take shape..