New Mechtorians at Toy Art Leeds

At my booth at Toy Art in Leeds this weekend I will have this new, original Mechtorian figure available and a couple of customised toys too.

This is the Rivet Monitor.

Assigned to keep a close eye on the rivet stocks of the main mills in Retropolis.
He can gauge the size and strength of a rivet from 20 paces.
And can smell a dud batch from the next room.

Acrylic, Epoxy Resin, Lead, Found Objects.
6″ tall.

The Squid Pupper.

Semi Aquatic pet of the Mill owner.
He spend most of his days flopping around in the mud by the docks.
He turns up the oddest things and insists on dragging them back home.
Along with half the mud.

Customised Squidkids resin toy, Epoxy Resin, Rubber, Acrylic, Paper, Found Objects.
5″ tall.

Octo Pug

Watch dog… Octopus… ThingĀ  at the factory.
He mostly sits and watches and ponders the important things in life.
Such as where are the next crumpets coming from.
He is not much good in a chase but can squirt ink a few hundred yards with astonishing accuracy.
This is very useful for tagging thieves for later identification.

Customised Scavenger toy from MindStyle, Epoxy Resin, Brass, Acrylic, Polyurethane resin, Paper.
3″ tall.