A Little Trip to York



“Marcus Warren Entwhistle”
Bringer of synthetic Lanolin to the unclean masses.
He was the first to present soap in an affordable form to the unwashed proletariat of Retropolis and subsequently cleaned up..
Now he spends his days surrounded in eccentric artistic luxury focusing on perfecting his pipe bubbles.

Acrylic, A.B.S, Rubber, Lead, Epoxy, Found Objects, Vintage draughtsman instruments, Vintage bath-chair toy.
25″ tall X 23″ X 14″

Currently on display and available to purchase from the astonishingly magical store:
The Imaginarium
6 Blake Street, YO1 8QG York, United Kingdom

Visit their Facebook page too : The Imaginarium




EntwhistlePromoRightsLorez EntwhistleLeftTurnLorez EntwhistleLeftLorez EntwhistleBackLorez EntwhistleChimney1Lorez EntwhistleGearsLeftLorez EntwhistleGearsLorez EntwistleCloseUpLorez EntwhistleTinsLorez EntwhistleRightsidePipeLorez EntwhistleRightLorez