The Tash Stash



Horace Mooch was teased through school for his moustache which had unfortunately been installed upside down.  Unable to afford a replacement he taught himself basic metalworking skills and fashioned himself a new one.
The replacement never reached his face. So exquisite was it that the Dean of his collage purchased it for himself and started a trend for handmade Tashes. So taken was he with his new found talent and popularity that he set up in business and soon became the go-to place for high end facial adornments. The little workshop was passed from father to son and is now in the fourth generation. Each Horace in turn waring their own Tash upside down in memorium of the founder.

ABS, PVC, Epoxy, MDF, Rubber, Lead, Glass, Polyurethane resin, Leather, Paper, Found Objects. Mounted on a wooden shelf.
16″ x 16″ approx.


My piece for the Conjoined IV sculpture show curated by Chet Zar. Opening at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica on the 18th of January.








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