The Candy Factory

Candy machine factory Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

Joshua Hipplethwaite
Confectioner and innovator, Joshua is the creator of the renown Ee-by-Gum, chewing candy.
This popular delicacy has an odd intoxicating effect on steam driven Mechtorians, but is repugnant to those who are spring wound.
One of the fastest selling sweets in history, it’s long term effects are unknown and its prohibition has been called for in some quarters.
Though he does not partake himself Joshua wised to dispense his product as far as possible.
To this end he rebuilt his own body so he could crank out the candy wherever he travelled.
First one is free! And they always come back for more.

Styrene, Vinyl, Epoxy Resin, Polymer Clay, Lead, ABS, Glass, Silicone Rubber, Copper, Aluminium, Found Objects.

For Monsters & Misfits II.
Opening 13th April at Kusakabe Folk Museum, Takayama, Japan.

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  • » Doktor A’s ‘Candy Factory’ for Monsters & Misfits II News | Circus Posterus Says:

    […] Wasted chances, forgotten dreams and unfulfilled ambition? Damn, that’s some heavy stuff right thurr. But more on the sweeter side of sugar land: the faux candies are actually soft and squishy. I know, right?! More photos of the Candy Factory (and its engineers) are below and via Dok’s blog, here! […]

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  • Brian Nickels Says:

    Amazing Doktor A ! From the first pictures you published to the finished incredible work , I never would have imagined how this piece would turn out. Incredible as always , you are one of a kind, what a brilliant mind because it seems you let the work decide the direction as you go along, anyway. I wish I was in Japan to bring this one home. Outstanding!