I have just received a large box containing the resin prototypes of my upcoming toy range with MINDstyle .
It’s rather surreal an experience looking at your own characters sitting looking back at you.

I am a tad freaked out right now.

Its exciting and a little intimidating at the same time.
I have designed toys before but its either been platform toys or toys based on someone elses ideas, or toys sculpted to someone elses designs.
This is the first time its all been from my head alone. I hope they go down well.
The company making them is putting a lot of trust and time and money into me and this range.
I really hope people like them..

I wish i could show you them but I am not allowed to right now for obvious reasons..
Soon you will see..
They really do break new ground in the market at which they are aimed..

Ooh Blimey!