Happy Festimus

I just want to say thank you all for your support through the last year.

It has been a busy and important year for me. And all I can say is you aint seen nothin yet!
2008 is shaping up to be bigger and better in every way. More shows, more art, more toys..
Lots to look forward to and so little I can fill you in on just yet, sorry.
So keep watching the website and reading this newsletter and don’t get left out of the fun to come.

The Spookypop shop has recently been updated with new prints and toys so its worth dropping by.
The Mono Cloth Head Kaniza should be up in the next week too (deliveries permitting).

And you can always get your Doktor A fix from http://www.Iksentrik.co.uk or http://www.rivetgallery.com also.

So thanks again to you all. For everyone who bought a piece of my art, or told their friends about me, or invited me to take part in a show, or just dug my stuff.

All the very best to you.
And have a great and happy Festimus.

Doktor A.