Busy busy busy

I said to myself at the start of this year that I would try and update this thing more often.. And here we are with the end of the second month rushing up to meet us already and I have hardly said a word..

Why is that you ask?
(yes you did I heard you…)

Well it’s because I have been very very busy.
For some reason a lot of people decided that the start of March would be the best time for them to hold an art show of some kind.. And hey let’s get Doktor A. involved..
Splendid says I..
But then I have to do all the stuff for all the shows…
And at the same time try and keep the work progressing on my new house…

Well some things have slipped a little… And I had to turn down another couple of March shows as I just couldnt squeeze any more work in..

But its all coming together now..

Yesterday I shipped off all the prints for the “By Popular Demand” show in Bristol… This is the the first time I have had a Giclee done and didnt reasile just how involved it would be..
You send the printers your original painting (not so easy when its quite large). They scan it with super scanny technology (probably from the future). Then they send it back… This is all stressful enough as the UK postal service is not too worried about how it handles things.. Especially things with “FRAGILE” on them.
Anyway then the printers sends you lots of paper samples and a colour proof to see if you think their scan matches the original ok… It of course doesn’t… So another colour proof needs to be sent.. This is much better. You choose the paper, set the sizes and off they go… And a week later a massive box arrives with expensive pieces of paper in it.. Then you have to sign and number them all and put each one into a transparent slip with a backing board and stick the slip’s flaps down.. This is the sort of job you think will take about 20 minutes… It takes alll day..
I had four prints done.. runs of 25 and 30… Thats a lot of prints.. And boy they are heavy all together I cant actually pick the box up with them all in..

Anyway that’s for one show.

I have also done a painted skate deck for a show at “Banana Lab” in Detroit. That’s off in the post too.. The last Deck I posted to a show in the USA never arrived.. I hope I dont have some sort of wierd anti art-deck curse… Still waiting to hear that it has arrived ok.

Also I have done a custom Knuckle bear for the Vinyl Pulse show.. Which has now just been kicked back to May.. So the bear sits with a few hours more work needed on it.. Waiting until some more pressing things are out of the way.
I have done a very involved custom on a JLed Firecat toy… I may get lynched for defacing one of the rarest toys on the planet.. But hey! Whatchyagonnado?
Also I have Doktored a classical bust of Shakespear… Yes I have.. I thought it would be a good idea…
Presently I am in the midst of a series of three canvases for “Higher Court” in Bristol… I am waiting for paint to dry right now..

I have also done a Munny toy for auction at the “Munny Shot” show….(lots of good work for charity…)

In this same period I have designed four Dalek colourway designs for an upcoming toy line…. Yeah Daleks.. Cool huh?
And done a few other designs for various other platform type toys which may or may not get used…

And done some work on the new studio, though not a lot… It is getting warmer now though and the sun coming out does make me feel more awake….

I wonder if the paint is dry yet?………………………..