My current fave artist… check him out..

Also I am now moved into my new home in the Pennine mountains. Its beautiful around here. Though the basement flooded the day we moved in and has only just emptied itself.. I think some ancient evil which lurks beneath the hill next door was saying hello…
I have started putting some paintings on the walls which helps make it feel more like home.
I have also gutted the attic in the first phase of its re-birth as my super new, “steam-punk” styled studio..

I think I will try and add to this blog more often now. And post more varied entries..
Some more pics soon.

In other news i have added some new toys to the website shop..
Including a couple of Goteki figures. These are original prototypes. The first ones made. They are painted in a Sneaky Bat Machine stylee as the band was at that time still SBM…


Everyone should go and see “Pan’s Labyrinth”… Its truly splendid..