Yeast Infection

The yeast infection is an online art toy show featuring customised vintage “Pilsbury Doughboy” toys. These 7″ tall vinyl toys here made as part of a promotional campaign in 1971. Now a whole heap of artists from around the globe have done art stuff to them…
Here is mine :


They are are featured on a gallery website here :
And you can bid on all of the pieces in an online auction run through Ebay starting the 6th of October and running for one week. There should be a live link form the site once they go live.


The first ones just went live so the rest should follow at intervals of about 15 minutes or so.
Look here for the “shop” view

3 Responses to “Yeast Infection”

  • Anonymous Says:

    you know, I spotted that the other day on vinyl pulse and thought the style looked familiar, even before I read any of the details

  • silveraj Says:

    That’s beautiful, Bruce, what a stunning idea.
    I love the little spiky fence around the base.

    • doktor_a Says:

      I do so love those eighteenth century wax anatomical models..
      Visit the Welcom medical museum on the top two floors of the Science museum in Londodn some time.. Its great fun… Wooden false teeth…. real shrunken heads… Lots of cool pointy stuff..