My recentbeendoingishness…..

Right so what have I been doing lately….

Spent a splendid weekend in London recently. Stayed with the lovely Silver AJ and Andy who we just dont see enough of any more..
Did some shopping. Bumped into Jonathan Ross (literally) he nearly knocked me over in his enthusiastic dash towards the huge HelterSkelter in Selfridges… dint even say sorry… do you know he is Orange in real life…. Hmmm orange skin in a violet suit.. Nice!
Later We ran into Richard Taylor and a bunch of WETA fellows. I had a brief chat with Mr. Taylor and gave him my card as, well, you never know.(If anyone from WETA is reading this…. yes I would love to work with you guys. And I married a New Zealander so there should be no trouble with permits and stuff either…..) Then we realised Alan Lee was signing books so That was another nice surprise. Bryony had the good fortune of picking up a copy of Faries which had already been signed by Brian Froud so she was able to get the full set…
We then went to the 2000AD Zarjaz show for which I did this piece.

SichiZarjazHead zarjaz2LoRez zarjaz3LoRez zarjazCrowdLoRez

Met some friends. Had a drink which was free but horrible..but free. Met some people I talk to in Forums but have not met before in the real world.. Looked at the amazing art. Pics here :

Since then have seen some movies.. Narnia… Hmmmmm! Not bad but has some of the worst blue/green screen work I have ever seen. All the Weta stuff was top notch though..
And Kong which truly is magnificent. Lots of lovely little tips of the hat to the original and some nice references to other stuff like Brain Dead… A truly great re-make. Spot on…. go see it it’s a blast.

This last week i have been locked away making a splendiferous Xmas gift for my wife. I will post pics after Xmas as its a surprise.. I will be reshuffling the website too then as its quite out of date now.

12 Responses to “My recentbeendoingishness…..”

  • nimstar Says:

    Shame we didn’t catch up – again!!

    Glad the show went so well 🙂

    Can’t wait to see some piccies of Bryony’s present! And THANK YOU for the card 🙂

  • deviblue Says:

    You know…I just realised that if I’d known about the show far enough in advance andhad been able to submit a piece I could have finished off the rogue trooper actionfigure…which was in the process of becoming a figurine.

    < criptic > Oh and I may be contacting you at somepoint next year to get some input in a project if it gets off the ground 😉 < /criptic >

  • amon_zero Says:

    Didn’t know you were married! Belated congratulations!

    Would be funny if you moved to NZ.. I’d have to add you to my list of friends-I-must-visit-when-in-country! 🙂

    • doktor_a Says:

      You see I wondered if anyone I knew read my LJ any more!!!

      Moving to NZ is very much on the cards. We loved it out there…
      Now If I can just wrangle a job making little monsters…..

      • amon_zero Says:

        Any particular part of the country you’d likely be moving to? Up north, I imagine?

        I’ll likely end up somewhere like Melbourne, but expect to be in the UK another 7 years yet, for various reasons…

        So you live in Bradford now, right?

        • doktor_a Says:

          Temporarily yes.
          Toying with moving to Manchester or maybe Sheffield.. Need to check things out more closely first. If we could afford NZ now we would be off. Wellington most likely. Loved it down there. Aucland is a bit too sprawling..
          Didnt like the south island much at all.

  • amon_zero Says:

    p.s. Merry Xmas to you both! 🙂

  • 0equals1 Says:

    Glad to hear that things are all well and good 🙂
    Speaking of bad effects, have you seen the new Doom movie? I think it may just win the title of most horrifically dire film in the history of ever! 😛

    Anywho, hope you both have a grand Christmas and New Year. I’ll now be off to check out the links in the post!