Monser Mash Exhibition *Bristol*

Ok time to tell you about another exhibition I am in.

the MONSTER MASH at the Here Gallery/shop in Bristol from the 7th January.
Its a group show of over 50 monsters who will battle it out in heats voted for by the public. Finals will be held in London in February.
I have a Poddy Canvas and a large H.P.Lovecraft inspired sculpture in the show…
Poddy Painting by doktor A.

Nyarlathotep sculpture by Doktor A Bruce Whistlecraft

The catalogue of the show is available now from the website as a rather natty set of “Top Trumps” style cards
One image from each artist is in the pack and there are other bonus cards floating around out there too… there is one on the printed fliers and there may be one in the New issue of Clutter magazine (issue 6…. which also has articles on my Poddyville toys and the Podling show in it..)

Visit the show site at for all the info.