King Kong Jackson Diaries

Today I have mostly been watching Peter Jackson’s Post Production Diaries on the net.
Here :
Its all the stuff from the end of shooting through the effects, foley, scoring and editing to the premiers.
very interesting and fun stuff. (If you like the extras stuff on DVDs then you will love this).
Right now all the clips are free to download… about 35 of them QT4 avaraging 18MB.
All the Production Diaries have been removed from the site and are now only available to buy on DVD..

So go seee these whilst they are free.

2 Responses to “King Kong Jackson Diaries”

  • rag_man Says:

    Doc, what did you think of KK? I re-watched the 1933 version today (basically I’m not that au fait with it…apart from childhood bank holidays, ect!). It’s very loyal, actually.

    • doktor_a Says:

      I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it again..And there is talk of an extended cut too….Though I am not sure that’s really needed.
      I watched the Original the day before I saw the new one and yes its a very faithful remake. All the main point are in place but amped up a chunk.
      Loved all the Skull Island ruins bit and Thirties NY was amazing. Its been nice seeing how it was all done. More effects shots than all three LOTR films put together…….! And only one iffy efects shot I can recall… (though i thought Andy Sirkus’s Lumpy was a bit hammy….)