Time Lords and Sith Lords

So the other day we went to visit the new Dr. Who exhibition on Brighton pier.
It sucked huge donkeys…. Very very bad KEEP AWAY… they have about 6 exhibits all from the new series with NO stuff from previous shows other than a few bries text printouts… You can walk round it in about 4 minutes and for £5 a head thats shocking… And the shop was rubbish too… so we had a big bag of Fairy floss to get a sugar rush….

Then we went to see Star Wars…. Was alright I suppose… some shockingly dodgy effects letting the generally pretty impressive effects down badly.. Some terrible dialogue and character/planet names… Some in your face anti Bush comments. And some very funny bits… Like Sidious’s forhead and comb-over hair style and Vader’s impression of Frankensein’s Monster….

I quite liked General Grevious but had spoilt his surprise attack for myself by looking at the toy before seeing the film. Also i suspect he regretted his choice of armour plating… (“note to self. next time use THICK METAL around vital parts not GLASS!” Duh!). All in all… not really any better than any of the others… (apart form part one which is un-watchable.)
I did however really really like the Forest camo clone/storm trooper’s gear.. It looked like they had let Frank Kozik design it for them..

I am moving house at the end of the week. My life is in boxes and it’s not much fun…
However today I did a long interview for website which is having me as Artist of the Month for June… More details later…