Tsunami aid auction

Toy designers from around the world are joining together under the banner ‘Qeester Collective’ to auction one off toys to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. There is a space on the net here : http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/ateuploads/charitymain.htm
which will have all the pieces that are to be auctioned (in late March, early April 2005).
I am one of the designers taking part.
Check out the toys.
Bid on one if you feel so inclined, its for a good cause and could be a smart investment on your part too.
Artists include ;
TADO, Sket, Dr.A, Tmboo, Mimic, Mad*L, Miq Willmott, Urban Medium, and many more.
(Please note more artists are being added to the site as the pieces are completed and submitted.)