This will be old old news to anyone in the rest of the world. But for those of us in a movie timewarp here in the UK. I strongly advise going to see Hellboy. One of the best comic adaptation movies ever. Splendid!

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  • Anonymous Says:


    I loved it. Thought the decision to wait so long until they released it here was stupid but I’ll be buying the DVD. I never even read the comic, just a big Ron Perlman fan since the City Of Lost Children. The thing was my mum loved Beauty and the Beast so I knew who he was, but that series was a load of crap, IMO, but then I saw this same guy, who’d played the lion-man, in that wacko film speaking broken French in a real art house effort. And he’s gone on to play vampires and gay sheriffs. He’s in his mid 50s and looks about 15 years younger – and they want to BAN *steroids. Ack.

    *disclaimer – there’s no proof Ron Perlman uses, or has ever used, steroids. I did and I went from 9 stone to 14 stone inside 3 years. My butt looks great. I may die anytime. No change there then.