Web Comic

The first part of my comic is now online for you to look at.
So far the first 11 pages of the first issue (24 pages total) is online.
If I get enough good feedback the rest of this issue will go up ( its all finished already!)
Working title is “Tragic Magic”.
Click on the COMIC button on the main index page or any of the INFO pages.

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18 Responses to “Web Comic”

  • cybraktif Says:

    Comic goodness

    Loved it, good storyline…Can’t wait for more…and I love the artwork. Can I get your art on a t-shirt? if not do you have plans for it in the future…
    cybr out

    • doktor_a Says:

      Re: Comic goodness

      Thank you. The next 13 pages are finished and I did the breakdown for the second issue today.
      Yes I do still have a handful of t-shirts. I did a whole bunch a few years ago.
      The Club Angel below is available as a Large T-shirt screen-printed in Glow-In-The-Dark and UV reactive ink, white on black. I have other designs available but only on Skinny Fit type tops. Details here.

      I have a mind to do some full colour ones some time soon.

  • psipixi Says:

    SpookyPop comix

    Super fantastic! I absolutely adore it! Great art

  • Anonymous Says:

    Comic books and stuff

    I have to say, the comic is looking fantastical 🙂 I’ve been linking folks to it like mad ever sinse I read it! I have to ask though, the shop looks suspicsiously like Arkham. Is that where you got the idea from?

    Also, I wish you good luck with your exhibition:) I’d have liked to come over and see it for myself, but what with having no money and stuff it makes things difficult:( BUt I hope it all goes well for you 😀

    One more question before I go, will you be attending the Skinny Puppy gig in July? If so I might see you there 🙂

    Take care

    • doktor_a Says:

      Re: Comic books and stuff

      Thanks for that.
      Arkham might be a bit of an inspiration for the shop. (how many movie (and HPL) references can be spotted in the shop pictures then?)

      Never been a big Skinny Puppy fan. I love Ogre stuff though. not heard the new SP album yet though…

  • mikey_de_sade Says:

    Fab stuff, Doc! I’m well impressed. I think I’d seen a little of the artwork last time we met so it was ace to see a story put to it.

    So, (scratches head in wonder), where did the inspiration for the shop come from? 😉

  • _gemma_ Says:

    im very impressed!! i really loved it!
    especially page 5!
    the writing and the illustrations really compliment each other, and each page is really full and unrushed.

    it’s nice to see your art work in a series. usually each piece is on its own, on a t.shirt or framed, but here they are pulled together into a set, and it works really well:P

    now i wanna see the rest of it. arg!

  • kumbunny Says:

    Hey I love the comic!

    Good composition and confident illustration.


  • silveraj Says:

    i think it’s fab, babe, i love the character and the whole idea.
    when andi and i saw it, we were like “that is SOOOO bruce, rar!”
    make more, now now now! for our viewing pleasure…

  • gothikfaerie Says:


    ooh!!! *wiggles* i only got to page _one_ and i know i want it. poopie library that closes and won’t give me time to read it ALL, NOW, TODAY *poutpoutpout* Better be here when i get back, coz it looks like a keeper..

  • lovelybug Says:

    Nice 🙂 I like the boarders particularly – small details are important I think. I look forward to reading more.

  • Anonymous Says:

    nice stuff but i bet you knew that before. was also curious to kno if the doktor was still involved in any post-goteki audio horror, if so been hunting for a url, if not, you bloody should… the first thing that got me into SBM was your hair

  • matafleur Says:

    I love it!
    And she has very awesome long point ears, which always scores points in my book.
    Also, I really enjoyed the text in the decorative box at the bottom of the pages.

  • xsydx Says:

    i really enjoyed your comic, and look forward to more. the plot really pulled me in, and your art is spectacular, i cant wait for more!

  • Anonymous Says:

    yummy comic

    from the very first frame, i jumped right into the story.
    the drawings are fantastic, and you know how much i like your black/white art.
    it’s been a month since you kindly put it on line and it is really hard to wait for the second part. i keep day dreaming about where this mystical book is going to take her, and us.
    the words are soft and well chosen, it sometimes feels as if someone is whispering them ..
    well i like this a lot! congratulations.

    about bits and pieces of news:
    ~let us know when “Bite Me” mag is going to publish interview
    ~very cool cover for pornovurt. colours!!
    ~i hope you get some good feed back from slave labour graphics. home of gloomcookie and nightmares. love serena valentino and ted naifeh.
    ~very happy to read that you are working on tatoo designs for “local fellow”. really love mine.

    i believe that’s enough ramblings for tonight.
    i should be in brighton this saturday and will pop in for some dark goodies, i wonder who will be behind the counter??
    i missed your exhibition during festival. hope it went well,

    take good care,

  • markeris Says:

    Excellent stuff.

  • Anonymous Says:

    dear bruce,

    i hear crack is cheap in brighton these days.

    anyway, the comic is amazing, it is making me have imaginings of doom.



  • godgirl Says:

    its good stuff! i am intrigued to find out what happens next…….